R.T. Adventures, LLC, is an authorized rebreather dealer of the closed-circuit systems for the metro Atlanta Area, offering training and certification, sales, and in some instances repairs and maintenance. We offer the closed-circuit rebreathers, the Evolution, the Inspiration, the Inspiration Classic, and the cutting edge electronic package, Vision Electronics. We have years of rebreather diving experience and bring that depth of personal experience to the table each time we train divers to become competent, comfortable, and safe rebreather divers. Our training is personalized to your level of diving skills, education, and experience, and is conducted in a relaxed, efficient manner. We offer training under IANTD guidelines in either a private or small group setting, ensuring that you receive the highest level of education available. Our rebreather training course includes over 20 hours of practical academic training, plenty of pool sessions for you to become confident and comfortable in the water, followed by open water dive training. Our goal is for you to be completely comfortable and well-trained on your unit, highly educated in the academic concepts involving rebreathers, and we go above and beyond the minimum training standards to ensure this. Wondering if rebreathers are the next logical step in your diving experience? Keep reading to see if closed-circuit diving might be right for you.

Benefits of Diving a Rebreather

Longer Bottom Time

    Imagine being able to safely dive to 100 feet for 60 minutes with no decompression time, or two, three, or four hour dives at shallower depths! Rebreathers reduce the nitrogen out of the air you breathe, significantly reducing your nitrogen loading that leads to decompression diving, longer surface intervals, or decompression sickness circumstances. 

Silent Diving

    On a closed-circuit rebreather your exhaled gas is not released into the water, which means no bubble noise or lots of little bubbles in that great photo you just took. Say goodbye to bubble noise which is annoying to you and the surrounding fish! Find yourself diving right in the middle of a school of fish instead of looking at them from a distance! Get up close and observe fish behavior without disturbing natural order.

Safety and Reliability

    Diving on an Evolution or Inspiration rebreather offers greater safety over open-circuit diving for several reasons. The rebreather offers increased gas efficiency because it retains most or all of the exhaled breath, processes it, and returns it to the diver. With no exhaled bubbles there is no change in gas usage at greater depths, safely allowing the diver a longer underwater experience. In addition the rebreather maintains the concentration of oxygen in the breathing gas at it’s maximum safe value throughout the dive. This allows you to stay longer at depth without incurring a decompression obligation or speeds up the decompression requirement whenever the situation occurs.

Training ???????

Rebreather diving is different from diving with open circuit scuba equipment. Units will only be sold to divers who have successfully completed the training course and our Instructors can help guide you through this process. It is highly recommended that you have prior certification in Advance Nitrox



  1. 1.Rebreather divers at 18 Palms dive site in front of Plaza Resort Bonaire.

  2. 2.A rebreather diver is able to join a school of tarpin. No bubbles to frighten away the fish!

  3. 3.The Evolution rebreather unit.

  4. 4.Rebreather divers enjoying Bonaire.

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